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News   September 22, 2006   by Auto Service World

London Student Solves Parking Problem?

A new website – – is launched today by Anthony Eskinazi, a 23-year old math graduate student, to link people who need to find parking spaces with those who have space to spare. Its launch is timely as it has just been announced London’s public transport fares will rise yet again.
Owners of homes and businesses all over the UK with space for a car in their garage or driveway can now advertise their space on the site and be linked to people needing somewhere to leave a car, when working, attending a concert, event or a match in an area with limited parking or unsatisfactory or expensive public transport.
Use of the site will be free to all who use it.
It is expected that those with space to let will agree a fair fee with their parkers.
The sophisticated design of Anthony’s site instantly maps the exact location of the nearest residential parking space close to the parker’s chosen destination, and is reportedly easy to use, by even the most technophobic.
“The idea came to me in San Francisco recently,” said Anthony today.
“I was attending a Giants’ game with a friend and found that there were massive queues to get into the stadium car park and a US$10 charge. Yet I noticed lots of empty driveways in the neighbourhood. I didn’t have the owners’ permission to use any of these. In future, by using the owners will be able to make their space generate a useful income, instead of the money just going to traffic wardens. Those hoping to park will have an easy, affordable solution.
“I anticipate that the scheme will take off first in London where new spaces are being identified every hour and are already available to rent for a few hours or much longer. The technology of my site provides a free service throughout the United Kingdom. The more people with spaces to share who log on and register, the more happy parkers there will be.” uses new ‘Web 2.0’ technology, allowing full interactive access to the site.
Eventually Anthony intends to add Australia, the United States and Canada to his listings.

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