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News   May 5, 2006   by Auto Service World

Locking Up More than Just Your Car

Representatives of Pep Boys say they are seeing a steady increase in the sale of locking gas caps, which they say correlates to the rise in gas prices.
Locking gas caps require that a key be used to remove the cap from the fuel fill pipe, which prevents someone from siphoning fuel.
There are a number of locking gas caps, ranging in price from approximately $14.99 to $29.99, in addition to a wide variety of replacement OEM gas caps.
For Canadian jobbers, it will be important to keep up on their knowledge of vehicle year, make and model, as the caps are built to accommodate the various styles used by the manufacturer.
According to Pep Boys, Sales of the locking caps more than doubled in the last week, as motorists seek ways to protect their cars and pocketbooks.
“A great way to protect your vehicle from fuel theft and the costly damage that often accompanies fuel theft is to protect your fuel with a locking gas cap,” says Pep Boys Vice President of Retail Merchandising Galen Bullock. “Pep Boys has a wide array of locking gas caps in stock to fit a variety of vehicles.”
Properly installed and matched gas caps also help with passenger safety and emission control. Without a gas cap, gasoline vapors could be present around a car at any time. Those vapors could be ignited by a random spark or flame and are very dangerous if a driver is involved in an accident. Gasoline vapors can also emit hydrocarbons, which dissolve the earth’s ozone layer and cause smog.
Proper vehicle care provides additional insurance to enhance fuel economy.

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