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Feature   May 1, 2008   by Auto Service World


Dear Editor,

Good, subtle slap in the face to our industry in your current editorial. (“No Progress? No Wonder,” Comment, March 2008.)

Typical Canadian attitude: apathy.

We have lots of energy to complain about our weather and politics, but we won’t harness that energy to improve our lot in life.

Keep us on our toes, Andrew! Will Perry, sales manager Muskoka Auto Parts

Hey Andrew,

Loved your editorial this month. (“No Progress? No Wonder,” Comment, March 2008.)

Scanned it and sent it out to my tech contacts via e-mail. Kind of goes hand in hand with our April 9th 2008 Right to Repair info night. (Reported on this month–ed.) Paul Dossmam, general manager, KC Automotive Inc.

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