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News   October 25, 2006   by Auto Service World

Land Speed Record to Face Tough Test

Ed Shadle will perform medium speed test runs in his 50,000hp highly modified F-104, land speed car, the North American Eagle, in preparation of becoming the fastest man on earth by exceeding 800 MPH to shatter the World Land Speed Record.
“Continuous testing is the key to our success-clearly the horsepower is there and we know it will go fast. Testing to date has been limited to 375 mph by the rubber aviation tires. With the addition of wheels machined from a block of forged aluminum, we will be able to test at much higher speeds,” said a proud Shadle.
“The Eagle will also continue testing with alternative fuels. Preliminary tests show positive results using the green fuels. Government and corporate researchers are looking into ways to power commercial jet engines with alternative fuels. We continue to lead the way by working with Seattle BioDiesel, a leading biodiesel refinery and research laboratory,” stated Co-owner Keith Zanghi.
October 18, Steve Fossett, aviator, sailor, and balloonist, announced that he also plans on challenging the current land speed record.
He purchased the car that failed 1996-1997 record attempts from racer Craig Breedlove.
With Fossett being new to land speed racing and Shadle’s 40 years of racing experience, next October is shaping up to be the biggest and ultimate extreme racing event of the 21st Century.
“There is nothing like old-fashioned competition to get an American’s juices flowing,” remarked “LandSpeed” Louise Ann Noeth, author of Bonneville: Fastest Place on Earth.
“More than a decade has rolled by since the British took the absolute record and that’s long enough. This nation certainly has the talent to recapture that honour.”
Noeth added, “With the goal beyond Mach One, it will require an inordinate amount of intestinal fortitude to knock the crown off Andy Green’s head. Fossett seems to enjoy conquering near impossible odds, so he setting himself up for a supersonic match race. The former Spirit of America machine is a sad study of wasted potential, Fossett has his work cut out for him; the North American Eagle is already in its testing phase, but lacks the fountain of financing that Fossett commands, so both teams need to hustle if either wishes to be the new King of Speed. Either way, a tasty velocity battle is brewing.”

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