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News   July 23, 2013   by Auto Service World

Ken-Tool offers Valve Breaker tool

Ken-Tool, the world’s leading manufacturer of professional tire service tools, offers the Valve Breaker to quickly remove valve stems from demounted wheels.

The patented Valve Breaker is compact and powerful; using a slide ram design to drive a heat-treated punch into the valve stem seat to easily pop the valve stem out of the rim after the wheel has been demounted.  This allows the service technician to quickly remove the stem with the wheel on the floor. The slide ram is made from solid round steel bar stock to drive more energy into the valve stem to knock it out of the wheel quickly and efficiently. 

The Ken-Tool Valve Breaker protects the operator with a rubber safety-grip drive handle and a vibration absorbing rubber grip on the outer tube. A protective flange at the top of the tube helps to prevent pinching, and an energy absorbing spring loaded punch assembly protects the wheel while reducing shock to the operator’s hands.

The Valve Breaker is made in the U.S.A., and is available in two lengths: P/N 35934 – 27 in. (69 cm) and P/N 35936 – 45 in. (114 cm), and weigh 9 lb (4.1kg) and 16 lb. (7.3 kg) respectively. The shorter Valve Breaker (P/N 35934) fits conveniently in a 30” toolbox.

The Valve Breaker tool is easy to service, with three components needed to rebuild the tool – the punch, a spring and a roll pin.  A Repair Kit, P/N 35935, includes these replacement components.

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