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News   June 18, 2003   by Auto Service World

Job Market Optimism Continues in Canada

Employers in Canada envision a strong labor market during the next quarter, according to the latest Manpower Employment Outlook Survey.
The measurement of employer intentions for the workforce for the third quarter of 2003 reveals that 36 per cent of the businesses queried intend to add staff, while only 6 per cent plan reductions. Another 56 per cent anticipate no changes and 2 per cent have not finalized their plans for the July-September months.
Three months ago, the outlook was also strong as 31 per cent reported hiring plans and 5 per cent envisioned cutbacks. Employers were also upbeat a year ago at this time when 36 per cent expected increases and 8 per cent foresaw cuts.
"Historically, the second and third quarters have always been the most active hiring periods and this year is no exception," Steve Walker, Chief Operating Officer for North America, said, adding that "since 1999, the July-September hiring picture has been exceptionally robust. The previous decade generated only moderate job growth during the third quarter."
New job openings are expected to be most prevalent in Construction, Services, Public Administration, Wholesale & Retail Trades and Education. More temperate, but certainly positive, results come from Mining, Durable and Non-Durable Goods Manufacturing, Transportation & Public Utilities. The most modest hiring intentions are anticipated in Finance, Insurance & Real Estate.
Employers in every industry category foresee more additions than decreases this quarter. The results by sector are:
MINING: A favorable hiring climate is forecast in the Mining industry as 27 per cent envision additions, 5 per cent plan cuts and 68 per cent foresee no changes. Similar plans were reported three months ago when 32 per cent voiced new opportunities and 9 per cent said reductions were in the offing. Employers were divided a year ago at this time as 14 per cent said they would add workers, but another 14 per cent indicated they would trim their rolls.
CONSTRUCTION: The most buoyant industry projections for the coming quarter are voiced in Construction, where 62 per cent indicate they will need more hands for the July-September months, and 3 per cent plan cuts. This is the brightest outlook ever reported for the Construction industry in the history of the survey. Employer optimism was also reported last quarter when 43 per cent indicated the need for more staff and only 4 per cent planned decreases. The outlook was also strong for the third quarter of 2002 as 48 per cent said they would add personnel, while 4 per cent reported plans to cut.
DURABLE GOODS MANUFACTURING: Durable Goods Manufacturers anticipate satisfactory job growth this quarter as 26 per cent plan additions and 8 per cent foresee fewer workers. Employers reported similar plans last quarter when 27 per cent envisioned additions and 7 per cent planned decreases. More moderate intentions were voiced a year ago at this time as 28 per cent foresaw new opportunities, but 15 per cent said cutbacks were likely.
NON-DURABLE GOODS MANUFACTURING: Another period of healthy job growth is in store for the Non-Durable Goods Manufacturing sector, where 30 per cent anticipate hiring more personnel and 8 per cent envision reductions. Employers reported similar plans last quarter and a year ago.
TRANSPORTATION & PUBLIC UTILITIES: This sector continues to gain momentum as 32% plan additions and 7% say that cutbacks are likely. More moderate intentions were voiced both three months ago and for 2002’s third quarter.
WHOLESALE & RETAIL TRADES: Wholesale & Retail merchants envision fewer opportunities, although they remain hopeful. Of those surveyed in this category, 37 per cent plan additions and 4 per cent foresee cuts. The outlook was brighter the previous quarter and a year ago.
FINANCE, INSURANCE & REAL ESTATE: The softest industry sector this quarter is Finance, Insurance & Real Estate where 14 per cent plan to add personnel, but 3 per cent anticipate reductions. This is the weakest third quarter forecast in this category in eight years.
EDUCATION: On the other hand, Education employers are voicing the best third quarter plans in 20 years as 45 per cent envision new openings for the July-September period and 15 per cent foresee cutbacks. Three months ago, projections were modest.
SERVICES: Services employers are reporting the most optimistic hiring plans in the history of the Manpower Employment Outlook Survey for Canada. Here 44 per cent anticipate adding personnel, while 6 per cent say cuts are likely.
PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION: New employment opportunities are expected to open at a robust rate in this sector as 39 per cent foresee additions and 6 per cent plan reductions. The forecast held less promise three months ago. However current projections are similar to those issued last year.
The Manpower Employment Outlook Survey is conducted as a public service by Manpower Inc. with its 50 locations in Canada and 3,900 offices in 63 countries.

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