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News   April 11, 2011   by Auto Service World

Interior Detailing Foam

Permatex has developed a new interior cleaner with a mousse style formula that makes interior detailing easy.
No-Touch Interior Detailing Mousse Cleaner/Protectant is much easier to use than liquid cleaners and does an excellent job in cleaning and protecting interior surfaces. It also dries to a rich satin finish and leaves a pleasant, new car scent.
The product’s mousse formulation allows for easier user control and eliminates the messy overspray, splatter, dripping, and streaking. With it, vehicle owners don’t have to worry about potential seepage into dashboard components, vents, and speakers.
According to Adam Cincotta, Permatex product manager, “Studies have shown that on average, Americans tend to spend upwards of 2.5 hours a day* behind the wheel of a car. So, in addition to lots of face time with the vehicle’s interior, this also provides ample opportunity for the buildup of dirt, grime, coffee, and food stains that can leave a car’s interior appearing haggard and worn, and adversely affect its overall value.”
The product works on all types of interior surfaces, including rubber, plastic, vinyl, and leather, and is ideal for the stubborn stains and grease build up normally found on consoles and in cup holders. It also has excellent UV protection and anti-static properties. It helps keep the instrument panel free and clear of dust for safer and easier navigation, and minimizes dashboard reflection on the windshield.
“When compared to other interior cleaning products, No-Touch Interior Detailing Mousse is in a class by itself. Its innovative delivery method and package design gives it a unique position in the detailing category, delivering performance, functionality and high end appeal to enthusiasts,” says Cincotta.

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