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News   May 3, 2010   by Auto Service World

Interactive consumer info kiosk from Yokohama

Yokohama Tire (Canada) Inc. will be the first tire manufacturer in Canada to introduce an innovative consumer information kiosk featuring entertainment, interactive digital product information and special offers when the first units are installed in Yokohama tire dealers starting this May, the company has announced.
An estimated 400 free-standing multi-screen kiosks will appear in tire retailers, auto shows, new car dealerships and other high-traffic environments, and will allow consumers to research tire information and capitalize on special in-store offers with coupons printed on the spot.
The kiosks, created for Yokohama by Qwick Media, of Vancouver, in partnership with Bell Canada, will begin to appear in Ontario TireCraft tire retailers in May and will roll out across the country throughout 2010.
The kiosks feature three individual screens, including a touch-screen interface that connects consumers directly to information on the Yokohama tire line as well as national and in-store special offers and discounts. The unit also provides WiFi connectivity for users to access the system and send promotions and product information to their mobile devices or e-mail account. A Yokohama mobile application will be offered to consumers later this year.
The large top screen can show ads, news, weather, digital signage and other information. A middle screen will rotate between Yokohama and dealer branded messages. The interactive screen can offer maps, directories and other local information as well as live web feeds and the Yokohama product presentation. An integrated printer can produce coupons keyed to special offers.
Screen content is managed remotely, and can be updated around the clock from a central control at Qwick Media’s Vancouver facilities.
“This is the first time this technology has been made available to tire retailers in Canada and is a giant step ahead in giving these stores engaging and entertaining point-of-sale information for consumers in an environment where tire-buying decisions are made,” explains Jonathon Karelse, national marketing manager for Yokohama Canada. “The technology is exclusive to Yokohama Canada and is the kind of marketing advantage we bring to our retailers in a very competitive market.”

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