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News   December 17, 2002   by Auto Service World

Industrial Gases Manufacturer Launches Expanded Distribution

BOC Gases has launched the Gas Source distributor program to supply and service a wider range of Canadian customers with BOC gas products, related equipment and supplies.
The Gas Source program targets BOC’s existing network of partners as well as retail outlets, industrial gas and equipment distributors and other companies in major and smaller cities across Canada that would like to complement their existing product lines and business focus.
BOC Gases supplies products used in a variety of industries for use in processes and activities such as welding.
“Customer service that excels in meeting expectations and the needs of a changing and more demanding market is the primary focus of the Gas Source program,” said Tom Winter, vice president and general manager, BOC Canada. “Our objective is to provide value to our customers by manufacturing, selling and delivering quality gas products, systems and services where and when they are needed.”
The Gas Source program is a combination of gas products and related equipment, BOC Gases’ merchandising expertise, and marketing support initiatives. The program offers value added and spin-off benefits for new distributors who want to attract new customers including: One-stop shopping for industrial customers; continuous development of new product lines that offer positioning opportunities to a variety of market sectors; promotional co-op programs; and local BOC Gases customer sales and service opportunities.