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News   April 15, 2010   by Auto Service World

Improved Full Floating Hub Assembly

Chassis and driveline components manufacturer Mark Williams Enterprises has made a number of improvements to its floater hub kits and designated it “Series II.”

Full-floating hub assemblies are required in drag racing’s fastest classes for safety reasons, and they also provide a performance benefit by maintaining wheel alignment during high load acceleration—preventing a toe in condition.

Among the improvements in the “Series II” are larger inner bearings to allow use of a thicker spindle cross-section—preventing crack propagation under severe tire shake conditions—and a forged aluminum hub with improved stud retention (deeper counter bores and longer thread engagement).

Other features of the M-W “Series II” full floater hub kits include heat-treated 4340 forged steel spindles, a forged aluminum hub with 5-on 5″ or 5-1/2″ bolt circle and drive plates made of heat-treated 4140 alloy steel and machined to accommodate 40-spline axles. Available axles include standard 4340 or 300M; solid or gun-drilled.

Kits are available with steel or carbon fibre rotors—which feature M-W’s exclusive Slot-Drive attachment technology. Upgrade options include ceramic wheel bearings and 4-caliper brake kits.

Series II technology is incorporated in M-W’s modular 11″ full floater rear ends.

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