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News   June 4, 2013   by Auto Service World

Hytec Automotive Group Launches Heavy-Duty Battery Product Line

The Hytec Automotive Group has announced the launch of a new heavy-duty automotive battery line.

The Hytorque VRLA (Value-Regulated Lead-Acid) battery line joins an extensive line of Hytec Automotive TS-16949 certified aftermarket products including water pumps, shock absorbers, hub bearings and fan clutches.  VRLA, batteries are used in industrial and consumer applications as an uninterruptable power supply (UPS) as well as starter power for premium automobiles.

“The Hytorque battery system compliments our line of automotive aftermarket products,” explains Juan Ramos, Jr., chairman and C.E.O for The Hytec Automotive Group. “Taking into consideration the worldwide trend for the increasing use of alternative energy sources (photovoltaic and low-grade heat utilization systems, etc.), Hytec Automotive made a long-term strategic commitment to the battery line. We have established a manufacturing alliance with a globally-recognized battery producer that will provide Hytec’s valued customer and distribution base with reliable, high quality automotive batteries.”

The main features of the Hytorque line of VRLA batteries include: extra boost of power compared to standard starter batteries, increased start capacity, reliable engine launch during cold winter months, increased operation life, reduced water consumption plus high-reliability with a low self-discharge. The Hytorque line also features a state-of-the-art indicator, is maintenance free and is suitable for use in most contemporary automotive vehicles’ on the road today.

Hytec Automotive chief operations officer, Gilberto Lopez adds, “In the next several years we plan to introduce a number of new projects including further development of plastic components, production of Industrial lead-acid batteries and battery separators plus the development and production of Li-Ion batteries for electric-engine car applications.  This will further solidify our supply commitment to our domestic automobile sales and distribution channels.”

Visit Hytec Automotive at AAPEX 2013, in Las Vegas | Booth 4479 on the Upper Level.

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