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News   November 7, 2013   by Auto Service World

Honeywell Friction Materials’ Police Brake Pads Pass California Emergency Vehicle Test Standards



      On the heels of launching an all-new high performance brake pad line designed for today’s police and fleet vehicle owners, Honeywell Friction Materials has announced that its Bendix POLICE brake pads have successfully completed the California Emergency Vehicle Operation Center (EVOC) testing. The Bendix POLICE brake pads were subjected to rigorous vehicle performance testing and earned a passing grade result for both the 2013 Chevrolet Caprice (Pursuit) Police vehicle and  2013 Dodge Charger (Pursuit) vehicle. 

      The Bendix POLICE brake pads have completed the Declaration of Conformity Brake Testing Program conducted by LINK Engineering, a premier testing resource for the transportation industry. This demanding testing protocol is an essential assessment of any high performance disc pad used in potential life threatening situations. This critical test is comprised of a 32-lap high-speed vehicle and brake evaluation. High speed braking, brake fade and extreme performance were all factors included in the evaluation.

      Bendix POLICE brake pads offer longer wear life and higher fade resistance for police pursuit vehicles that often work under severe conditions – driving at high speeds, stopping suddenly and performing difficult maneuvers.

      “We designed, engineered and tested the Bendix POLICE line of brake pads to meet the demands of police fleets, and we are proud that we have passed these extreme and challenging standards,” said Grif Jordan, product marketing manager at Honeywell Friction Materials.

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