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News   December 8, 2010   by Auto Service World

Herkules Oil Filter Crushers Air-Powered for Extreme Durability

Herkules Equipment Corporation’s Oil Filter Crusher, model OFC4, crushes multiple filters or one large (20″) filter extracting up to 98% of the oil and reducing the filter size by 80% for clean, cost efficient disposal. Environmental service pick up costs can be drastically reduced by filling a 55 gallon drum with crushed filters.
The OFC4 is powered by Herkules Air Bag technology, a maintenance-free, extremely durable power source (with a 5 year warranty) that eliminates electrical and hydraulic hazards, providing a safe work environment. The dual door/latch interlock system is provided for operator safety during the 35 – 55 second crushing cycle.
Extracted oil from the crushed oil filters flows from the chamber down to the drain outlet for easy collection. Oil from filters placed on the convenient shelf-area flow down through the oil-drain-grid to the drain outlet as well. The drained oil can be sold to oil recycling companies for additional revenue, depending on the volume the shop collects.
The OFC4 produces 18 tons (36,000 lbs) of crushing force with a required 120 psi. It is equipped with a filter regulator/air gauge so the operator can easily set the proper air pressure and ensure clean, dry air for a long lasting, dependable crusher.
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