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Feature   January 1, 2009   by Auto Service World

“Healthy And Strong” AIA Holds Annual General Meeting

At the Automotive Industries Association of Canada’s annual general meeting in Toronto in December, association vice-chair Brad Morris said the AIA is “healthy and strong” and fully committed to reinventing itself as needs arise.

The meeting was attended by more than fifty representatives of the aftermarket, and preceded a “festive dinner” event.

Morris spoke on the detailed governance review process the association has been undergoing in the past year. Among its activities was a 160-page in-depth governance review based on the guidance and experience of a dozen past board chairman directors. The review is an initiative meant to identify the association’s strategic value to its members as well as ways to improve awareness and operations of the association itself.

“Governance is the outcome of looking at your strategy,” stated AIA president Marc Brazeau. The changes, which are set to be implemented this fall, call for several adjustments, including smaller, more focused boards; an amendment to either remove or intensify the executive branch; an inclination towards ad-hoc boards; increased accountability; and other initiatives.

Morris emphasized that the report was grounds for discussion, available to any member, and not a cast-in-stone document.

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