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News   February 4, 2003   by Auto Service World

Hair Razing Tail Raises Funds for Charity

Paul Martell, the owner of the NAPA-Tatamagouche N.S. auto parts store, wanted to raise money for a worthy cause, with nothing going to waste.
The (now formerly) hirsute Martell elected to raise money for Wigs for Kids, a national program run by the Canadian Cancer Society, by sacrificing his own flowing locks.
Though he always maintained he wasn’t a 1960’s ‘hippie’, just someone who enjoyed having long hair, Martell agreed to completely shave his head. Proceeds were raised locally and directed to the Wigs for Kids program, which provides wigs to children who are undergoing and recovering from Cancer treatment. Hair loss is a common side effect of receiving treatments and the Wigs for Kids program provides these youngsters with temporary hairpieces, if so desired.
An unspecified amount of money was raised for the cause and Martell’s shorn locks have also been donated to the cause.

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