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News   May 10, 2013   by Auto Service World

Gumball 3000 Celebrating 15th Anniversary in Monaco

Each year the famous 3000 mile (5000 km) Gumball road trip attracts an international array of ‘stars and cars’ to participate in a real once in a lifetime adventure, with this year’s edition starting in Copenhagen and finishing in Monaco.

The rally crosses 13 countries and travels through cities such as Stockholm, Helsinki, St. Petersburg, Tallinn, Riga, Warsaw, Vienna and Monte Carlo in just six days. The rally runs from May 18th to the 24th, 2013.

The exclusive 100 car entry grid is packed full of celebrities and the most incredible array of customized, concept, electric, luxurious, sports and hyper cars that you will ever see together. Baywatch icon David ‘The Hoff’ Hasselhoff, will line up on the entry grid in the beautiful city of Copenhagen alongside hip hop superstar Eve, Cypress Hill’s DJ Muggs, rapper Bun B, ‘Pimp My Ride’ host Xzibit, skateboard legend Tony Hawk, MTV’s Finnish pranksters ‘The Dudesons’, Olympic skiers Jon Olsson and Jens Byggmark, MMA fighter Rubert Burneika, along with Sheikhs, Princes, reality TV stars, and Fortune 500 CEOs. Driving everything from Bugattis, to Koenigseggs, Aston Martins, Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Morgans, Bentleys, Rolls Royces, McLarens, Twisted Land Rovers, Mercedes Benz, and more.

New for the 2013 road trip is the Gumball Foundation, a non-profit charitable trust that strives to provide opportunities, optimism and ambition for future generations. This year Gumballers will be competing to raise the most money to get pole position on the starting grid. In addition, Gumball 3000 in association with Christie’s will be hosting an auction for unique ‘money can’t buy’ lots at each overnight stop. All proceeds raised from the auctions will go to the Gumball Foundation.

Live coverage will be streamed daily on through YouTube Live Hangouts.