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News   October 23, 2002   by Auto Service World

Greenpeace Tells Alberta’s Klein He’s a Threat to Climate, Health

Greenpeace activists gave a message to Alberta Premier Ralph Klein, flanking him on stage wearing gas masks to illustrate the threat Klein poses to the climate due to his opposition to Kyoto.
Greenpeace has repeatedly challenged Klein to a debate about Kyoto, but he has so far refused.
“Ralph Klein has not come here to understand Ontarians’ views about Kyoto,” said Peter Tabuns, executive director of Greenpeace Canada. “This is just another stop on his death-by-delay tour.”
According to an Ipsos-Reid poll conducted earlier this month, 81% of Ontarians want the federal government to ratify Kyoto. Federal and provincial studies also show Ontario could realize economic benefits from emission reduction measures under a Kyoto framework.
“Ralph Klein should come back to Ontario on a smog day and meet with the families of the 1,900 people who die each year from smog,” said Tabuns. “Maybe then he’ll see and feel the impacts of his oil agenda.”
Today is not the first time Greenpeace has turned its attention to Ralph Klein. Earlier this year Greenpeace installed solar panels on Klein’s roof to symbolize the need for Alberta to wean itself off dirty energy sources. Greenpeace also sent Klein a bill for $1 billion, the cost to the Ontario medical system for treating the 1,900 people who die each year from smog.

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