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Feature   January 1, 2000   by Auto Service World

Great Balls of Fire!

The Crane FireBall HI-6TRC kit and the FireBall HI-6DI2 are some high tech ignition enhancements that are bound to attract some attention. The HI-6TRC kit (Part Number 6000-6466) includes FireBall HI-6R ignition, the most powerful, fully-digital, capacitive discharge, multi-spark ignition of its type, a 0-20 adjustable spark retard control for nitrous-oxide, high-horsepower Pro/Street and there is an optional MAP sensor. No more need to fumble with chips or tiny switches either as large rotary switches set rev limits from 600 to 9,900 rpm sequentially to eliminate popping and banging. The FireBall HI-6DI2 is the sister unit engineered specifically for use with distributorless systems on Dodge Neon, Eagle Talon, Plymouth Laser (powered by DSM-Mitsubishi engine) as well as many other import cars and trucks using four cylinder engines with turbos or NOS. The unit offers accurate boost-proportional retard, fully digital CD ignition with dual coil outputs and is also designed for use with stock coil packs! Timing retard capabilities, including boost proportional retard for turbos and superchargers can be easily added with the optional TRC-2 Timing Retard Control and Crane MAP Sensor. Contact: Crane Cams, Inc., 530 Fentress Boul., Daytona Beach, FL 32114