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News   September 17, 2009   by Auto Service World

GM Canada Launches GM’s Cash for Clunkers in Partnership with Retire Your Ride

General Motors of Canada announced a new Canadian “Cash for Clunkers” program offering customers up to $3,000 towards a new GM vehicle for Canadians participating in the Federal Government’s “Retire Your Ride” program.

“GM’s Cash for Clunkers builds on the success of GM Canada’s four year partnership with the Clean Air Foundation’s Car Heaven vehicle retirement program,” says Marc Comeau, vice president, sales, service and marketing for GM Canada. “GM Canada was the first automaker to support the Clean Air Foundation in their efforts to remove older, higher-polluting vehicles from our roads in order to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In fact, over the lifetime of the Car Heaven program more than 58,000 older vehicles were retired.”

GM’s Cash for Clunkers program provides qualified customers who are accepted into the Federal Government’s “Retire Your Ride” program, with a rebate of $500, $1,000, $2,000 or $3,000 depending on their choice of GM vehicle. The GM rebate is used towards the purchase or finance of an eligible 2009 or 2010 GM vehicle and is in addition to the incentives available through “Retire Your Ride”, including a $300 reward.

Retire Your Ride is supported by the Government of Canada, administered nationally by the Clean Air Foundation and delivered locally by environmental organizations in each province. Since February 2009, the Retire Your Ride program has permanently recycled almost 15,000 vehicles.

To qualify for GM’s Cash for Clunkers program, the retiring vehicle must be 1995 model year or older, in running condition, registered and properly insured for the last six months (12 months in B.C.).