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News   April 11, 2013   by Auto Service World

Global Recall: Side Airbags Could Send Shards of Plastic

In one of the most widespread recalls, four Japanese carmakers are recalling more than three million vehicles worldwide over concerns that side airbags from a single supplier may send pieces of the plastic inflator flying when deployed.

Honda, Toyota, Nissan and Mazda are recalling vehicles for the identical problem with the Takata Corp. manufactured airbags. The faulty airbags were manufactured between 2000 and 2002 in a Takata factory in Mexico.

A spokesperson for the company said that the same airbags were used in non-Japanese brands, but also declined to name those makers.

Honda is recalling 1.1 million vehicles, including more than 107,000 in Canada, and Toyota is recalling 1.7 million vehicles, including some 580,000 in North America. Nissan is recalling 480,000 vehicles globally and Mazda is recalling 45,000, but it’s not yet clear how many of those vehicles are in Canada.

In Canada, the recall covers almost 81,000 Honda Civics and about 11,000 Acura 1.7 EL vehicles from the 2001-2003 model years, 6,140 CR-V vehicles from 2002-2003 and almost 10,000 Odysseys from the 2002 model year.

About 270,000 Honda vehicles in Japan and 64,000 in Europe are also included in the recall.

The Toyota recall also includes 490,000 vehicles in Europe and 320,000 in Japan. Affected models include the Corolla, Tundra, Lexus SC, produced between November 2000, and March 2004.

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