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News   July 26, 2013   by Auto Service World

Gates Releases New Micro-V Component Kits To Better Service The Belt Drive System

Gates now makes it easier to replace the drive belt and automatic tensioner and pulley(s) at the same time with the introduction of Micro-V Component Kits.

The 1:1 tensioner-to-drive belt replacement ratios are vital to keeping the Accessory Belt Drive System operating at peak efficiency because automatic tensioners are designed with the same life cycles as the belt and should be inspected/replaced together – the recommended replacement interval is 97,000 km.

There are many benefits of replacing the tensioner at the same time as the drive belt, some include:

• Replace all worn system components at the same time – replacing a drive belt when the damping mechanism is worn on a tensioner greatly reduces the life of the new belt

• Increased customer satisfaction – reduce comebacks by eliminating belt  noise which is typically not a belt problem but a systems issue which is forcing the belt to make noise

A slipping belt can create problems such as belt noise, heat for the bearings, loss of efficiency for the accessories, false codes, and as stated before customer come backs.

For more information on Micro-V Component Kits contact your local Jobber or Gates sales representative.

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