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News   December 4, 2008   by Auto Service World

G-Oil: Another way of Going Green

With the environment being such a hot button issue, especially within the automotive industry, one Connecticut-based company has taken it upon themselves to alleviate the problem just a little bit.  Green Earth Technologies is currently awaiting approval from the American Petroleum Institute for what they have dubbed, G-Oil.  The fuel is not only biodegradable, but is rendered from animal fat that would otherwise be discarded by slaughterhouses.

While synthetic oils have been around for decades, an example being Mobil 1, and do offer an alternative to petroleum-based fuels experts complain there’s simply not enough animal byproduct out there to satisfy the demand for its oil and petroleum rivals.  According to its website, GET’s Oklahoma facility is capable of producing five million bottles per month, with big-name retailers like Home Depot already marketing it in stores.

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