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News   May 8, 2015   by Auto Service World

Freightliner Inspiration Self-driving Truck Approved For Nevada Trials

#aftermarket – The Freightliner Inspiration and its Highway Pilot system have been approved for use on the roads of the US state of Nevada. Nevada is one of four states in the US, as well as Washington, DC, that licenses vehicles with autonomous driving systems.

The Freightliner Inspiration is fitted out with a Highway Pilot system that combines cameras and radars, as well as software and hardware, that allows it to stay in its lane, avoid collisions, regulate speed and steer automatically.

Used together, the Freightliner Inspiration is capable of level three autonomous driving or piloting itself under normal highway conditions.

With the Highway Pilot system enabled, the truck is capable of keeping to the legal limit, remaining in its specified lane and ensuring that it keeps a safe distance behind traffic. The driver is required to resume the controls when the truck deems that it’s in a situation that can’t be handled on its own.

The driver is responsible for driving the truck on and off highways, operating the vehicle on local streets and urban environments, and performing any docking maneuvers.

As Freightliner is a part of Daimler, which also operates Mercedes-Benz, the Highway Pilot system is shared with the Mercedes-Benz Future Truck 2025 that made its debut in Germany in September 2014.

There are currently two Freightliner trucks with all the Highway Pilot hardware and software loaded on-board.

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