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News   March 11, 2002   by Auto Service World

Four Canadians No Longer "Tire-less"

Four Canadians have agreed to add "Tire" to their last names for a share in a Dunlop prize.
The four, each with the last name Dunlop, agreed to legally change their last name to Dunlop-Tire and will split $25,000. Traci, Jason, Bill and Peter Dunlop-Tire, nee Dunlop, will each take home $6,250 provided no other individuals have registered the name change as of today.
The four Canadians legally adopted the new moniker after responding to the Dunlop Tired of Your Name Challenge, which dared approximately 1,000 adult Canadians with the last name “Dunlop” to become “Dunlop-Tires” by March 11, 2002 for an equal share of $25,000 prize money.
“We’re delighted to welcome Traci, Jason, Bill and Peter Dunlop-Tire to the family,” said Sam Fry, product manager (Canada), Dunlop Tires. “At Dunlop Tires, we’ve always encouraged consumers to make their mark, and we’re pleased to introduce four Canadians today who have done just that, and then some!”
Dunlop Tires’ four new "ambassadors" hail from Calgary (Traci Dunlop-Tire), Winnipeg (Jason Dunlop-Tire), Toronto (Bill Dunlop-Tire) and Barrie, Ontario (Peter Dunlop-Tire).

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