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News   April 24, 2008   by Auto Service World

Florida Resident Fights Back

A new website inspired by climbing gas prices in South Florida has started to help local drivers fight back.
The site, was started by a local driver who became outraged after filling his tank at a South Florida station only to find the same gas was 23 cents cheaper just up the road.
After doing some homework, he discovered that what was needed was one local site that collected all the local price information and compiled more complete data specifically for the area.
Adding to the convenience, the site will regularily email those registered to keep them up to speed on the latest price developments.
The site was started by Elliot Cohen, a media consultant and former journalist who has interviewed more than a few frustrated drivers over the years.
“I couldn’t believe there was no one else doing this.
“One of the great mysteries of life seems to be why two gas stations in the same town, even on the same road, selling the same gas, can charge such different prices.
“What I wanted was to put the power back in our hands,” said Cohen.