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Feature   April 1, 2009   by Auto Service World

Five Ways To Reduce Brake Pad Comebacks

Comebacks are often viewed as unavoidable, but that’s not the same as saying you can’t do things to reduce their frequency. Here are five tips that should help you do just that:

1 Communicate to everyone that brakes are a safety issue–and that’s the number-one reason people want to have a comfort level when they step on the brake pedal. They expect the vehicle to stop.

2 Train your customers, and have the point-of-purchase information on hand, in order to educate your customers on the benefits of using a premium line. These are very important, particularly if you suspect a technician isn’t doing a thorough enough brake job.

3 Explain the differences premium parts offer with regard to warranty, liability issues, features, benefits, and improved life.

4 Explain that premium formulations can make up for some of the shortcomings of an aging brake system.

5 Talk about the often small price difference that quality parts command. Consumers are willing to pay if the item in question is in the best interest of the driver and passengers. The information you tell your customers eventually reaches down to consumers, who make the ultimate decision as to which pad to place on their vehicle.

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