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News   April 23, 2012   by Auto Service World

Fel-Pro Expands Range of MLS Performance Head Gaskets

Federal-Mogul’s Fel-Pro PermaTorque MLS performance head gaskets are now available for a significantly expanded range of performance engines based on the popular LSX block from GM Performance.

Each of the new PermaTorque MLS head gaskets features the Fel-Pro brand’s exclusive LaserWeld stopper layer technology proven in NASCAR, NHRA and IHRA competition.

Federal-Mogul now offers 10 Fel-Pro PermaTorque MLS performance head gaskets for the LSX family of engines. Gasket bore sizes are 4.100” and 4.200”, with available compressed thicknesses of .041” and .053”.

“Our new PermaTorque MLS gaskets cover virtually any LSX-based engine combination producing up to 2,000 horsepower,” said Federal-Mogul performance gaskets product manager Ron Rotunno. “Professional and sportsman race teams and their engine builders have had tremendous success using these gaskets to ensure a reliable seal of extreme cylinder pressures and temperatures.”

Each PermaTorque MLS head gasket features the brand’s exclusive LaserWeld stopper layer, which helps maximize combustion sealing by precisely controlling the compression of each gasket’s layers. This helps reduce head lift, prevent gasket damage and ensure a superior combustion seal over a broader range of operating conditions.

“LaserWeld is the new standard in Sprint Cup racing,” Rotunno said. “This technology is another example of our ability to help engine builders anticipate and address the challenges associated with rising combustion pressures, temperatures and increased casting motion in each new generation of high-output engines.”

Developed with the insight and support of leading engine builders in NASCAR Sprint Cup and other leading racing series, PermaTorque MLS performance head gaskets provide the robust seal needed to contain extreme combustion pressures and temperatures common to naturally aspirated, turbo/supercharged and nitrous-equipped performance engines.

Each gasket is composed of multiple layers of full-hard stainless steel, precisely engineered sealing beads and advanced polymer coatings to maintain contact pressure between the cylinder head and block despite the extreme horizontal and vertical casting motion encountered in many high-performance engine applications. These benefits have been proven in thousands of miles of championship oval track competition and thousands of passes on drag strips across North America.

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