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News   September 10, 2002   by Auto Service World

Federal-Mogul Launches Aftermarket MLS Gasket Line

Federal-Mogul has announced the immediate availability of aftermarket multi-layer steel (MLS) head gaskets under the Fel-Pro PermaTorqueMLS name.
Available immediately for more than 30 domestic and import engines, new PermaTorqueMLS head gaskets are engineered to withstand the increased cylinder pressures, extreme temperatures and constant head-block casting motion encountered in many late-model engines. The gasket echo the increasingly popular OEM designs, with added features that make them more suitable for aftermarket repair conditions, like a special coating that is more forgiving of rougher surface finishes than an OE design.
Conventional gasket materials, including even the most advanced composite and graphite gasket designs, are highly susceptible to premature failure in these operating conditions.
“PermaTorqueMLS will protect an engine builder or underhood service business from expensive sealing-related comebacks on OE-equipped MLS applications or other engines with extreme casting motion,” said Raymond King, director of marketing-sealing systems for Federal-Mogul.
“No other head gasket will deliver the level of sealing performance, durability and confidence Fel-Pro customers have come to expect.”
Fel-Pro PermaTorqueMLS gaskets feature multiple layers of full hard stainless steel separated by a thin rubber coating. This design enables the gasket to maintain shape and compensate for thermal expansion and motion between the head and block. Each gasket also includes precision-embossed sealing beads that eliminate potential leak paths, ensuring a consistent and lasting seal.
Single-layer composite and graphite gaskets are easily damaged by the scrubbing and/or crushing forces caused by head-block casting motion. The result is the creation of leak paths for coolant or combustion gasses.
“Engine professionals trust Fel-Pro because our products deliver permanent sealing solutions for even the most challenging applications,” King said. “We do that by developing materials and designs that address each engine’s operating environment and by ignoring technologies that aren’t up to the challenge. That’s why Fel-Pro won’t offer composite or graphite gaskets for engine platforms that were equipped with MLS at the OE level or other applications that need MLS to ensure a lock-tight seal.”
Fel-Pro PermaTorqueMLS gaskets are available for popular engine models from DaimlerChrysler, Ford, Geo, Honda/Acura, Isuzu, Mazda, Nissan and Toyota.

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