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News   July 18, 2013   by Auto Service World

Federal-Mogul Awarded Patent for Innovative Anco Flat Blade Technology

Federal-Mogul has been awarded a U.S. patent for its innovative flat (“beam”) blade wiper design, which includes a number of proprietary features that help ensure superior windshield contact and wiping performance on today’s curved windshields. The Articulated Contact Technology  (ACT), covered by U.S. Patent 8,347,449, is featured on all Anco Contour and Profile flat blades.

“This important technology helps enhance the performance of flat blade wipers in a full range of operating conditions, providing exceptional conformance to curved windshields,” said Michael McKee, director, global visibility, Federal-Mogul. “This patented design gives Federal-Mogul and the Anco brand a competitive advantage in the wiper category.”

The patented Anco ACT technology incorporates a unique spoiler design that generates down force to reduce wind lift and maintain optimum blade-to-glass contact. This innovative technology, featuring two co-extruded materials, permits unrestricted flexing of the blade for more uniform pressure distribution and improved conformance and contact with the windshield. It is also specially formulated to prevent stiffening of the flexor in cold temperatures.

“The spoilers utilized in many flat blades can interfere with the articulation of the blade flexor, leading to reduced wiping performance,” McKee said. “They can also be much less effective in colder temperatures, which makes the Anco design a much better choice for all-season performance. The patent award shows the commitment of Anco to develop innovative technology for our customers.”


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