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News   April 29, 2009   by Auto Service World

Exide Technologies Announces Exclusive Partnership with Advanced Mobil Products, LLC

Exide Technologies, a global leader in stored electrical-energy solutions, announced a new, exclusive partnership with Phoenix-based Advanced Mobil Products, LLC. AMP is developing a multi-national mobile battery replacement network of service providers within the United States and Canada.

According to the terms of the five year agreement, Exide will supply AMP lead-acid automotive starting batteries for the mobile replacement marketplace. In turn, AMP will focus on developing and growing strategic relationships with customers throughout the United States and Canada.

AMP will exclusively market the Exide American lead-acid battery brand, a product now being reintroduced to the U.S. market. A premium automotive starting battery and a compliment to Exide’s NASCAR Select and NASCAR Extreme product lines, Exide American batteries deliver optimal performance in harshest of conditions and fit more than 90 per cent of passenger vehicles on the road today. In Canada, AMP will market these same products to the mobile replacement marketplace under the ArcticEnergy battery brand name.

“AMP’s philosophy is one that incorporates the best people, products and technology – an approach to conducting business that fits extremely well with Exide’s core values and forward-thinking strategy,” said Bruce Cole, president of the Transportation Americas business division for Exide Technologies.

Both Exide Technologies and John Semeniuk, president of AMP, have broad experience in the development and deployment of mobile battery programs, which gained popularity in North America in the mid 1990s when motorists came to realize the convenience of remote battery replacement – an alternative to taking vehicles to repair facilities for the same service.

“AMP’s approach to the mobile battery replacement market is both dynamic and progressive,” continues Cole. “To that end, Exide believes AMP has the potential to become a market leader in this growing and strategically important marketplace segment.”