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News   November 22, 2001   by Auto Service World

European Car Thieves Foiled by Immobilizing Car Alarm

A car alarm system available in Europe has helped a driver foil would-be car thieves in Warsaw, Poland, and recover his vehicle within three hours.
Skamp International Ltd., which is responsible for the sales and distribution of the Skynet/Skamp In-vehicle communications, security and tracking products, says that the car jacking attempt was a testament to the effectiveness of the system.
Skamp’s manager of their 24 hour Monitoring Center in Banska Bystrica, Slovakia, Tomas Strelinger, was on duty at the time of the attack. He reported that, “On 20th November at about 18.00 in the evening, a new Audi “Allroad” was being driven in Poland by one of our clients from Presov, Slovakia. Close to Warsaw his vehicle was rammed from behind by another vehicle.
"Upon exiting his vehicle our customer, who wishes to remain anonymous, was set upon by two men who jumped into his Audi and drove off. Our customer contacted the monitoring center and explained the situation whereupon we sent a signal to the vehicle, stopping the engine and activating the alarm siren and flashers. Our customer had already called the Polish Police and we advised them of the exact location of the vehicle. Although the hijackers had attempted to disable our system, actually removing the alarm siren, they were not able to continue. We called the vehicle direct and advised the thieves that the Police had been notified. It is believed they then fled the vehicle. Within two hours our customer called from the Police station to advise that the vehicle was in the hands of the Police. Shortly afterwards he called again, from his vehicle, wishing to continue his journey. The engine was enabled and he continued on his way having had his vehicle returned less than three hours after the incident occurred. A very satisfactory result.”
Skamp’s director of operations in Central Europe, John Taylor, comments, “Whilst we of course sympathize with our client who underwent the trauma of the attack, we have nevertheless proven that the Skamp system, in addition to protecting the mobile assets of our clients, is not only a deterrent to a potential thief, but also a very real threat to a thief’s freedom and liberty. Our customer is very pleased with the way that the system functioned, the rapid response of the monitoring centre staff and Police, and of course, having his vehicle returned undamaged. The minor damage to the Skamp system will be repaired free of charge.”
The car owner said that he was "very surprised to be attacked in this way but after the initial shock I was very pleased with the way that the incident was handled by everyone concerned, including the Polish Police force. Knowing the geographic position of my vehicle to less than 20 meters made it possible for a fast response. I was amazed to have received my vehicle back undamaged and to have been able to continue my journey so quickly.”
Skamp / Skynet products couple GSM (cellular), GPS (Global Positioning System), SMS (short messaging service) and a remotely activated immobilizing system into a vehicle.

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