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News   July 25, 2007   by Auto Service World

Equip Auto Attracting More International Participation

Equip Auto organizers say more than 75% of the exhibitors at the show in Paris, France are international, an increase of more than 5% compared with the previous edition two years ago.
The show also anticipates some 45,000 international attendees on the 140,000 total expected this October.
The 2007 show will feature three major highlights: more countries than ever represented by international pavilions, special OEM Meetings, and a programme of events around the guest of honour initiative.

The Pavilions A Success Story
There will be 43 international pavilions covering an exhibition area of 15,000m2 at Equip Auto 2007. The pavilions will represent 23 countries and 1,100 exhibitors, with debut appearances from Russia, Egypt and potentially Pakistan. Brazil will be expanding its presence by adding a second pavilion. Turkey, which has participated in the show since 1999, will have a slightly smaller pavilion this session but this is because around ten exhibitors have now grown big enough to exhibit at Equip Auto independently: there couldnt be better proof of the pavilions effectiveness. Some international exhibitors have opted for a middle route by exhibiting as an offshoot of their national pavilion in the hall for their specialist sector. Chinas strategy is one of carefully managed growth, with 5 pavilions and rigorous quality selection for the parts on display.
Continuing the anti-counterfeit strategy deployed in 2005, the organisers have ensured that all exhibitors sign an anti-counterfeit charter which includes a formal undertaking from all exhibitors in the pavilions of countries regarded as sensitive that they are exhibiting only products which comply fully with French and European legislation.

OEM Meetings: Making Global Connections
The aim of the OEM Meetings (16 and 17 October) is to bring international suppliers into contact with the major buyers relevant to their specialism. The latter buyers working for the major global automakers and parts suppliers provide information about their purchasing requirements (e.g. seeking industrial subcontracting in Africa). All their requirements are collated in 8 digests* which can be viewed in full and downloaded from our website: Suppliers who come forward (by registering on the website or with their specialist association) are then selected by the potential contractors. This shortlist provides the basis for the OEM Meetings which take place at the exhibition: 45-minute meetings in a private space (multilingual interpreting provided all aspects of hosting the meeting are managed by Equip Auto). Twenty-four major contractors have already signed up, including Renault Agriculture, Kubota (worksite machinery) and Fenwick (materials handling). The fact that all three companies will be coming to Equip Auto for the first time is extremely encouraging.

Six Guests of Honour
A new feature for the 2007 session is the selection of six countries exhibiting at the show to be guests of honour, with the aim of promoting contacts and relationships between suppliers and contractors. Two guest of honour talks are scheduled, on Algeria (Tuesday 16 October from 11 am to 1 pm) and Russia (Thursday 18 October from 2.30 pm to 4.00 pm). Turkey, South Africa, Korea and Hungary with be the subject of one-hour country focus meetings summarising each countrys economic profile and the prospects for the local automotive market. The full schedules will be announced in early September.
For more information on Equip Auto 2007, contact Promosalons Canada (514) 861-5668 or via e-mail at

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