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Environmentally Safe Lube Lane Features Pre-Inspection Equipment

It’s really too pretty to call it a “pit.”

Nurse Chevrolet Cadillac’s new EnviroLube oil change lane in Whitby, Ont., is a high-tech, sealed, well-lit oil change facility that is far and away the most impressive development in the oil change business in some time.
The dealership officially launched the facility amid much fanfare–when was the last time the media came out to a quick lube opening?–and with a story to tell.
While promoted as the official EnviroLube launch–the first of its kind in Canada–the operation is actually much more. With a target time of 29 minutes, vehicles are subjected to a multi-stage process designed to give the driver back a well inspected, well lubricated, well cleaned vehicle.
When it first arrives at the dealership the bar code at the base of the windshield is scanned to determine oil quantity, type, filter needs, etc. Means while the floor mats are removed for and run through a rapid clean and dry machine that has them back in the car within a couple of minutes, just enough time to finish the vacuuming the interior.
The vehicle is then run up onto and stopped on a Hunter 400 suspension/brake testing bed that will determine if there is suspension or brake operation problems. This unit is reminiscent of those used in European mandatory inspection systems. A printout is generated for the customer and the car can be diverted to the service area if a problem is found.
Only then does the car enter the oil change lane. The EviroLube facility is supplied by Integrated Lube Services, Inc. and from above the oil change lane looks similar to any other. The real difference is below grade where a sealed, bright gel coat fibre glass liner keeps all oils spill from entering the environment.
In addition, multiple light fixtures and bright reflected surface liner surface provide a well-lit workspace for the oil change technicians.
“Although we at Integrated Lube Services, Inc. designed EnviroLube to be a clean, orderly efficient, and environmentally friendly service bay, we have discovered that be creating a superior work environment, EnviroLube has helped to create a more prideful technician,” said Jason Steele of Integrated Lube Services.
Once the oil change is complete each vehicle is cycled through an automated car wash station, which is itself impressive, having laser guided brushed to ensure the cleaning brushes conform closely to each cars contours.
Dealer principal Mary Nurse said that the project has been years in the making, and that it required the commitment of many partners, including supplier Wakefield Canada, architecture firm Aecon, Winvalley Contracting, and the Business Development Bank.
“Dealers typically expect their customer to fall into their standard service time frame of an 8 to 5 schedule, with no real consideration to the busy schedules of today’s customers,” she says. “We’re about to change that for the Durham region for all GM customers. As we always say, it’s the little things that count.”

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