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Feature   December 1, 2008   by Auto Service World

Engine/Fuel System Service

Aftermarket outlets experienced an increase of 3% in engine/fuel system service share, turning the tide on Dealers, gains made during the previous year.

Although Dealers dominate the share for engine/fuel system work among two-to three-year-old vehicles, at 89%, this is mainly due to warranty coverage. Dealers’ share steeply declines to only 32% among eight-to 12-year-old vehicles.

Conversely, Independent repair shops increased from a mere 4% share among two-to three-year old vehicles, to 39% for eight-to 12- year-old vehicles.

The aftermarket’s increase in share is largely driven by an 11% rise in B. C., previously the strongest region for Dealers. The lowest share for dealers continues to be in the Atlantic region at only 40%. Independents have the second-highest share of engine/fuel system work at 27%, a 4% gain over last year, driven by B. C. and Ontario.

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