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News   July 17, 2008   by Auto Service World

Ener1 Takes R&D 100 Award

Ener1, Inc., maker of advanced battery technology to power the next generation of hybrid and electric vehicles, announced today that it has received the prestigious R&D 100 award for excellence in its technology and innovative design.
The award is shared by Ener1 and its research partner, the U.S. Department of Energy and University of Chicago’s Argonne National Laboratory.
Ener1 develops and manufactures compact, high performance lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries for advanced automotive applications based on technology originally pioneered by Argonne researchers.
Demand for cost effective battery solutions is being driven by a need to reduce dependence on foreign oil imports and the growing concern about vehicle emissions.
Dubbed the ‘Oscars of Innovation’ by the Chicago Tribune, the R&D 100 awards were introduced by R&D magazine in 1964 to certify products across all platforms of technology throughout the world, deemed to demonstrate outstanding innovation in terms of research and development.
The Ener1 battery has unique characteristics in terms of chemistry and cell design, which gave rise to the nomination.
Their lithium-ion battery is on schedule to be integrated into an electric vehicle for commercial production at the end of this year.
Over the years, the R&D 100 Awards have recognized winning products with such household names as Polacolor film (1963), the flashcube (1965), the automated teller machine (1973), the halogen lamp (1974), the fax machine (1975), the liquid crystal display (1980), the printer (1986), the Kodak Photo CD (1991), the Nicoderm antismoking patch (1992), Taxol anticancer drug (1993), lab on a chip (1996), and HDTV (1998).

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