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News   March 12, 2015   by Auto Service World

Easily Remove Stubborn Drive Pulleys

#aftermarket -This patented strap wrench from Gates is specifically designed to grasp and hold automotive SAE v-ribbed belt driven pulleys. This new tool is very simple to use. Fabricated with a heavy-duty aluminum alloy handle, a highly durable polymer composite locking head and a specially constructed v-ribbed strap with a high coefficient of friction, the tool provides plenty of gripping power to remove stubborn pulleys. Just wrap the belt around the pulley, pull the belt tight and thrust the handle towards the notched plane of the head, opposite of the direction you want to rotate the mounting hardware. The belt settles into the pulley grooves or flattens against the smooth surface of a pulley, which provides superior gripping power and allows the user to easily remove the accessory pulley.

Tested and approved by Professional Technicians, this strap wrench is like no other in the market. The Micro-V wrench (# 910131) grasps the pulley just as a v-ribbed drive belt would when the engine is running, driving the accessory. Moreover, the action of the tool head pressing back on the belt provides unparalleled protection to the component, thereby preventing costly component damage. No need to use a screwdriver or other improper tool to hold a pulley from rotating, potentially damaging the component or causing injury. Just apply the pressure and remove, or tighten the hardware; simplicity at its best. For more information go to

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