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News   November 30, 2006   by Auto Service World

DuPont Announces 2006 Colour Trends

For the seventh consecutive year, silver has held its lead as the predominant colour choice for vehicles globally.
Vibrant colours such as red and orange also registered noticeable growth around the world according to DuPont Automotive’s 2006 Colour Popularity Report.
Since overtaking green in 2000, silver has held the top spot — the longest of any colour during the 54 years DuPont has been tracking automotive vehicle colour choice.
However, there has been a broadening of the range of tones in silver and in gray, another top choice.
The trend for the future includes the infusion of these neutral colours with greens, reds and purples, which provides customers a broader palette of choices.
The DuPont Global Colour Popularity Report remains the automotive industry’s authoritative standard for analyzing and predicting vehicle colour trends as chosen by consumers.
The report includes segmentation by world regions as well as by vehicle type.
This year, the report is segmented further to highlight variations within the Asian marketplaces. As the leader in the automotive coatings market, the DuPont Colour Popularity Report is a benchmark for the automotive industry and its influence reaches out into fashion, home furnishings and consumer electronics.
“We are seeing a growing convergence in colour preference globally. But while the world is becoming flatter and tastes are harmonizing globally, we think that it is also important to look deeply at the cultural and taste differences in large and growing markets, such as Asia,” said Karen Surcina, colour marketing and technology manager, DuPont Automotive Systems.

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