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News   January 27, 2011   by Auto Service World

Dorman Announces Introduction of 100 New Parts

Dorman Products, Inc. has announced the release of almost 100 new products this month, including Formerly dealer only parts that were previously unavailable in the aftermarket.
Some of the featured new products this month help professional technicians and vehicle owners reduce repair cost by replacing just the failed part.
The ignition switch actuator pin actuates the ignition switch when the key is turned. Instead of going to the car dealer to purchase the entire steering column assembly, Dorman supplies just the failure prone ignition switch actuator pin assembly fitting Liberty, Neon, PT Cruiser and Wrangler vehicles from 2000-2006, for several hundred dollars less.
In addition, Dorman steering rack bushings reduce repair cost by allowing just the failed bushings to be replaced instead of the entire steering rack assembly.
The original bushings on nearly 1 million Toyota Prius’ and nearly 4 million Toyota Trucks fail from wear and tear, resulting in a clunking sound and loose steering.
In addition to the cost savings of the Dorman replacement part, the two piece design also provides a savings in time and labour by eliminating the need to remove the steering rack for installation.

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