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News   March 14, 2002   by Auto Service World

Do you dream in color or Porsche silver? CAA members do.

Members of the Canadian Automobile Association have voted and the results are in: the Porsche 911 is their undisputed "dream vehicle."
In a recent survey, CAA members threw price and practicality to the wind selecting a sports car as their dream vehicle five out of 10 times, with the Porsche 911 leading the pack.
For the first time, the 2001 CAA Vehicle Ownership Survey identified specific models of vehicles that have captured the imagination and fancy of CAA members. Only one sport utility vehicle could be found in the top 10 dream vehicle list. While most respondents dreamed in technicolor of the pricier sport models, many respondents clung to more practical visions of family-oriented vehicles built for carrying kids, pets, and sporting equipment.
Dreaming of a vehicle? How does your dream compare? CAA Members Top Ten Dream Vehicle Models were, in order:
1. Porsche 911
2. Volvo 70 Series
3. Toyota Camry
4. Chevrolet Corvette
5. BMW Z3/M-Roadster
6. Dodge Viper
7. Volkswagen Jetta
8. Jeep Grand Cherokee
9. Ford Mustang
10. Chrysler PT Cruiser

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