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News   March 19, 2003   by Auto Service World

Device Enhances Rearward Safety In Commercial Vehicle Market

A new safety device is being introduced to the commercial vehicle market by Delphi Corp.
Commercial vehicle drivers not only must deal with the stress and skill involved in piloting large vehicles, they must also face the challenges of reverse. Pedestrians, smaller vehicles, tight backing maneuvers or unfamiliar loading docks all have the potential to cause a dangerous situation.
Delphi’s Forewarn Back-up Aid is a rear detection system that aids the driver in detecting obstacles in backing maneuvers or loading dock situations.
It offers the long-range detection benefits of a radar-based obstacle detection system — more than 16 feet (5 meters), and the advantage of a tailored coverage area — sensing obstacles in the vehicle’s path.
“With the longer detection area and tailored coverage area, Delphi’s Back- up Aid assists drivers by providing distance-based information earlier, translating into more time to avoid impacts or react in tight maneuvers,” said Jeff Owens, president of Delphi Delco Electronics Systems.
“We believe the commercial vehicle market will embrace this technology to help improve driving conditions and reduce costs related to backing accidents.”
In a vehicle equipped with Back-up Aid, audio alerts notify the driver of objects in the rear vehicle path. These alerts vary in intensity and rate to indicate how close the vehicle is to an object. Delphi’s radar-based Back-up Aid is robust enough to meet the harsh demands of the commercial vehicle industry.
The system provides benefits in heavy rain, fog, snow, and dirty vehicle conditions. Similar applications of Back-up Aid have been available for over one year in passenger vehicle applications. Total production has exceeded 200,000 units and Delphi has adapted this technology to the unique needs of the commercial vehicle market.

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