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News   December 30, 2003   by Auto Service World

Delphi’s Offerings Showcased at North American International Auto Show

Global tier one supplier Delphi says that its products will be featured on vehicles from virtually every exhibiting automaker at the upcoming North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Mich.
The show, which kicks off with media day Sunday, January 4 and opens to the public Saturday, January 10, is considered a premier show for the industry.
Highlighted Delphi content at the auto show includes:

Brake Control, Electronic Stability Control and MagneRide
Delphi Brake Control with ABS integrated with Delphi Electronic Stability Control and Delphi MagneRide Suspension System helps the Chevrolet Corvette excel in performance car handling. Integrating these technologies results in better control and ride comfort in a wide variety of driving conditions, as well as overall performance consistent with the character of the Chevrolet Corvette.
In addition, the Cadillac SRX features Delphi Electronic Stability Control as standard equipment. It also features MagneRide, which Car and Driver magazine recently said “strikes a pleasant balance between comfort and sport,” as optional equipment. Colour-Configurable Instrument Cluster Drivers can personalize their instrument cluster colour with Delphi’s Light Pipe technology.
Using three light-emitting diodes (LEDs), instrument gauges can be colour-customized to create 125 different custom coloured backgrounds from blending green, blue, purple, white, orange and red. The technology will be optional on the 2005 Ford Mustang.

Energy Absorbing Steering Column
Delphi’s Energy Absorbing Steering Column offers an enhanced level of driver safety and protection by helping to reduce the forward force experienced by the driver during a crash. The energy absorbing column absorbs a portion of the occupant’s kinetic energy during a crash situation thus helping reduce the load on the driver. The system, which combines Delphi’s expertise in occupant protection and electrical subsystems integration, can be optimized and customized for any vehicle and is currently featured on the new Ford F-150, recently named Motor Trend magazine’s 2004 Truck of the Year

Quadrasteer Four-Wheel Steering
Delphi Quadrasteer , available on several GM 1/2-ton trucks and 3/4-ton SUVs, provides something for everyone who drives a full-size vehicle, whether it is a parent taking the team to practice, or a construction owner towing a rig. Its maneuverability features are unmatched in the industry and it helps provide unique handling and stability for added safety on the highway. For 2003, the GMC Denali with Quadrasteer was named the “Ultimate Truck of Texas” while the 3/4 ton GMC Yukon XL with Quadrasteer was named “The Best Large Extra Large SUV of Texas.” As Quadrasteer enters its third year of production, post purchase research indicates 99 percent of owners would recommend the system to family and friends. Quadrasteer is now a $1,995 option and has been added to GM’s new 2004 3/4 ton crew cab. Delphi also is developing future generations of Quadrasteer that integrate four-wheel steering with brake-based stability control systems for safer, earlier intervention during emergency situations and reduced likelihood of a rollover. Emergency lane changes will become more predictable and more manageable, especially when driving on snow and ice, and in wind and rain.

Satellite Digital Radio Receiver and Antenna
Delphi makes a complete line of receivers and antennas capable of receiving up to 100 channels of satellite-broadcast entertainment. The user interface is simple and similar to traditional AM/FM radio with additional information including channel, type of music, song and artist name. Delphi has agreements to supply digital satellite radio service capable receivers for both digital satellite radio companies — XM and Sirius. Delphi’s satellite systems are optional on 44 GM cars and trucks and several DaimlerChrysler vehicles.

Electric Power Steering System
Delphi Electric Power Steering (EPS) system, in production in Europe since 1999, is now available on the 2004 Chevy Malibu and the upcoming Chevy Malibu Maxx. The system’s unique combination of a compact, modular design with flexible tuning capability enables Delphi to reduce the number of variations required for various models within a given platform. Therefore, using a single, common EPS component set, very specific vehicle or brand characteristics can be achieved via rapid laptop tuning. The result is specific brand differentiation through steering feel for both vehicles. Delphi has produced more than 2 million EPS units and is featured on the European Car of the Year for 2004, the Fiat Panda.

Forewarn Back-up Aid
Delphi’s Forewarn Back-up Aid uses radar and ultrasonic sensors to help “see” objects in the rear path of a vehicle. Automatically activated when a vehicle is put into reverse, the system senses stationary and moving objects within a range of more than 16 feet. If there is an object within Back-up Aid’s range, the vehicle helps alert the driver with either an audible sound or a combination of an audible sound and a visual LED light alert. This system is available on the Lincoln Town Car, Navigator and LS as Ford Extended Rear Park Assist.

E-Loc Electronic Door System
The patented Delphi E-Loc Electronic Door Locking and Latching system combines Delphi’s proven door latch technologies with state-of-the-art electronics. With E-Loc the vehicle’s lock/unlock state is controlled electronically rather than mechanically, helping reduce mass and lowering cost and warranty rates since it replaces mechanical components with more reliable electronics. Additionally, since the system uses a vehicle’s existing actuator motor to articulate the detent lever to unlatch the vehicle door, it eliminates the need for exterior door handles. E-Loc is currently featured on the Cadillac XLR.

Power Liftgate
Minivan and crossover vehicle drivers can now open or close their liftgate with the touch of a button. Delphi’s patented D-pillar liftgate technology offers quiet operation in an easily packaged drive unit. Additionally, it does not interfere with the rear backlight opening. The system may be operated manually, from an interior switch or a remote keyless device. Power liftgate is featured on the Chrysler Pacifica.