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News   May 5, 2010   by Auto Service World

Customers Got the Garage Door Blues?

The company of Germany has a sure-fire way for consumers who want to use their garage door to do more than hide the clutter inside. offers eye-catching interchangeable banners that can be mounted on any garage door. These garage-murals are realistic creative.

While they’re not for everyone, the styling films are convincing and eye catching and are sure to gain a cult following.

Our favourites at are the garage band gear and F1 car images for the single car garages, and the sideways parked VW microbus for the double-garage set.

We also like the selection of airplanes that can be used across multiple panels for multiple garage door setups.

Sure it’s a bit cheesy, but the murals seem to range from about US$139 to under US$400 so, for a lark, there are surely some folks out there who want to show the world what they wish was inside their garage.

Visit for more info.

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