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News   November 26, 2015   by Steve Pawlett

Extend Turbo Life with New Rein Automotive Turbo Oil Feed/Return Pipes


CRP Automotive  has launched its new Rein Automotive Turbo Oil Feed/Return Pipe Line for popular European makes. The new Rein Turbo Oil Pipe program meets a growing need for proper turbo care and maintenance. The OE-quality program is vehicle-specific and covers several makes and models.

Turbo-chargers play a key role in improving small engine performance and delivering higher MPG, but their service life can be dramatically reduced if not properly maintained and serviced. The primary source of the problem is caused by carbon buildup in the feed/return lines, which can create blockage and contamination. These pipes must be replaced during turbo replacement to prevent premature failure from debris and/or a reduced oil flow.

According to Paul Swyter, Rein Automotive product manager, “Many turbocharger failures can be traced to oil feed issues. The oil clogs typically happen when the engine is shut down immediately after driving the vehicle. Oil collects in the pipe bends and is baked by the heat created by the engine. Most drivers are unaware that they should allow their engine to idle for at least 30 seconds after driving in order to cool off the turbo.”

Swyter advises service professionals to always replace the oil feed/return pipes during turbo replacement and advise customers to always cool off their turbos after driving.

Rein Automotive Turbo Feed/Return Pipes are designed as a direct replacement for the original part and engineered to deliver exact OE form, fit, and function. CRP Automotive offers a range of Rein Automotive Turbo Feed/Return Pipes. Vehicle-specific applications can be found at or


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  1. From a turbo rebuilder a big THANK YOU to REIN Automotive for the oil feed line problem as explained,every time we mention this…customers think we are doing a sell job

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