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Feature   June 1, 2002   by Auto Service World

Cover Story: Oil and the Environment

While not connected to emissions programs, the issue of environmental initiatives regarding waste oil is no less important. It is something that the aftermarket can do something about.

The most successful such program to date has been conducted in Western Canada. Through the work of government and industry, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba have exemplary, coordinated waste oil recovery programs that in 2001 led to the recovery of an estimated 80% of used oil and filters generated.

“One liter of used oil can contaminate a million liters of fresh water,” said Manitoba conservation minister Oscar Lathlin in making his commitment to EcoDay, June 8.

“This is a good example of inter-provincial cooperation,” says Lathlin. “With the issues around water supply and quality that have arisen elsewhere in the country, my colleagues in Saskatchewan and Alberta agree with me that this is one of the most pressing environmental issues facing Canadians today.”

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