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News   April 9, 2010   by Auto Service World

Coni-Seal Completes Integrated Supply Chain Solution

Coni-Seal reports that it has completed an integrated supply chain solution that allows it to retrieve nightly point of sale demand of retail and wholesale activity from more than 8,000 stores throughout North America.

The move allows it transmit nightly demand and forecast projections to its partner factories worldwide.

This type of timely information about SKU movement will also prove valuable in maintaining high fill rates through this year’s rising spring demand resulting from harsh weather conditions.

Coni-Seal’s principal product lines–brake hydraulics suspension parts and hub bearings–grew by 30% in 2009. The company is expecting strong growth in 2010.

The company also reports that its direct import business is also showing significant growth as investments in quality efforts overseas allow select customers to use our sourcing, engineering and supply chain capabilities to lower their cost of goods.

In operation for over 25 years, Coni-Seal now occupies over 150,000 sq. ft. of warehouse space spanning three facilities in New Jersey, and owns a China subsidiary which facilitates the factory communication links.

Coni-Seal is moving to a complete vendor managed solution for some of its large customers later this year.

“These organizations look to shift the role of order management to us, as we are now in position to offer this solution to our customers,” says Frank Pagano, CEO of Coni-Seal. “Other distribution groups within the aftermarket need to leverage their systems as well, and look to integrate their downstream demand and consumption forecast. Our industry needs better utilization of our inventory/asset management and all of us must find ways of becoming more efficient. Parts proliferation and worldwide sourcing networks demand accurate and timely info to manage the inventory assets deployed in the supply chain.”




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