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News   May 11, 2011   by Auto Service World

Compact, Versatile Chargers Keep Batteries In Top Charge

Compact new battery chargers from Bosch can be first aid for that exhausted battery, as well as return or keep automotive batteries in top operating condition.
The intelligent, portable C3 and C7 chargers from Bosch provide-battery charging that is quick, easy and safe, whenever required. “These modern, compact battery chargers feature the latest charging technology and self-monitoring function as well as ease of use, and are suitable for all types of lead-acid batteries with voltage ranges of 6/12 Volts with the C3 and 12/24 Volts with the C7,” said Andreas Tobler, battery program manager, Energy Systems for Bosch.

One Button Operation
Versatile and fully automatic, C3 and more powerful C7 micro computer controlled battery chargers feature:
-Easy to use one-button operation. Both chargers are suitable for any lead-acid, AGM, wet or gel battery used in cars, boats, RVs, motorcycles, or solar technology.
-Small, lightweight and sturdy construction that ensures longest life and durability, as well as a splash-water and dust proof housing to withstand the automotive environment in which they will be used.
-The chargers are controlled by an internal MCU (micro-computer unit) – for automatic monitoring and intelligent charging at all times.
-With voltage ranges of 6/12 Volts for the C3 and 12/24 Volts for the semi-professional C7, the compact chargers use state-of-the-art charging technology
-The C3 charger comes with a vehicle-mounting hook for mobile and easy use, and includes a wall-mounting bracket for convenient stationary use. Both chargers are equipped with top quality cables, a quick connect harness and fully insulated clips.

When a battery is fully charged, either charger switches automatically to maintenance mode (trickle charging), and can be left connected to the battery to keep a high charge level when a vehicle is not being used. The larger, semi-professional C7 charger also offers a Regeneration Mode to recover a short term, deeply discharged battery, as well as a power backup function which supplies continuous power to the vehicle’s electrical system while replacing the battery.

Maximum Safety, Convenience
The Bosch charger’s comprehensive safety features include overcharge, spark, short circuit and reverse polarity protection to ensure the safety of the operator and the health of the battery. If an abnormal situation occurs, the chargers switch automatically to standby mode.
Batteries exhausted by leaving the headlights on overnight, for example, can be revived with the Refresh or Boost function of the C7. Re-charging is possible provided that the sulphation (crystal formation) process has not gone too far. A constant source of energy, the C7 charger maintains sufficient power supply to provide back-up for the vehicle electronics system when changing the battery, in accordance with the vehicles manufacturer’s recommendations, and all the electronics system settings are maintained in the vehicle.

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