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News   March 5, 2015   by Auto Service World

Common Rail Injector Test Solution For The Garage From Delphi

#aftermarket – Delphi Product & Service Solutions  has announced the launch of its all makes Common Rail injector test solution, the YDT-35, specifically developed in collaboration with Hartridge, for garages and general diesel workshops. The YDT-35 combines an electrical injector test with visual spray pattern checks to quickly identify failed individual injectors in the garage.

Complementing the existing Delphi on-vehicle test solutions for Common Rail injectors, the YDT-35 is easy to use, affordable and able to withstand the tough garage environment. In less than five minutes and seven easy steps, the YDT-35 indicates if an injector can achieve basic mechanical and electrical operation, helping to save the garage and its customer’s time, as well as providing another profitable service opportunity for workshops.

Key Functionality:

* Tests all diesel Common Rail injectors from major manufacturers

* Electrical injector tests resistance, inductance, capacitance

* Nozzle spray-pattern visual observation

* Optional back leak measurement

* User-friendly guided operation to assist you in your diagnosis

* Easy fixtures with a comprehensive range of optional adapters

The YDT-35 is available worldwide from Delphi and Hartridge local distributors. For more information or  For a complete step-by-step guide showing how simple it to use the YDT-35 to check basic functionality of Common Rail injectors, check-out the DelphiAutoParts YouTube channel ( or the Hartridge YouTube channel (

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