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News   March 20, 2001   by Auto Service World

Chrysler jacks prices on crash parts

DaimlerChrysler Canada has significantly raised the prices of many of their collision repair parts, reports the Hamilton District Autobody Repair Association (HARA).
According to a HARA news release, some parts have increased by more than 400 per cent. An example is part number GN05-SS8, the rear bumper cover for 1996-2000 Chrysler minivans, one of the most popular vehicles on Canadian roads. On the Friday before the Monday, October 2 increase went into effect, it retailed for $120. On Monday, its price went up to $523, an increase of 435 per cent.
Chrysler dealership parts managers, says the HARA release, “say that the prices will have a chilling effect on the sales of some of their parts, but advise that a number of parts prices have only had a small change.”
Chrysler, the release continues, has traditionally “been very competitive with aftermarket collision repair parts in Canada in the past, but dealership parts managers say that may be history.” One dealership parts manager reportedly told HARA that many of the Chrysler parts that have comparable aftermarket parts that are close in match, have not gone up in price, but parts that only Chrysler make have seen their prices rise substantially.
Chrysler, notes the release, appears to have opened an opportunity for aftermarket parts manufacturers to be more aggressive in Canada, “just at a time when lawsuits over the ability of aftermarket parts to repair a vehicle to pre-accident condition are before the courts.
“It is expected that aftermarket manufacturers and suppliers will showcase the Chrysler parts price increase as a reason to continue sales of aftermarket parts in Canada to maintain competition in the marketplace.”

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