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News   August 24, 2009   by Auto Service World

Chrysler Canada Announces Cash for Clunkers and Official Partnership with Retire Your Ride Program

Chrysler Canada recently announced incentives of $500 to $1,500 over the incentives offered by Retire You Ride, the current federal cash for clunkers program. To date, 13,000 Canadians have turned in their old vehicle under the Retire Your Ride program.

“This is the responsible thing to do,” said Reid Bigland, president and CEO, Chrysler Canada. “Facilitating the removal of these vehicles from the road is the right move for our country, our health, and our environment. In many instances the turned-in vehicles release 19 times more smog than a current model year vehicle. As a result, Chrysler Canada is proud to offer the most aggressive scrappage incentive in the Canadian industry, and we are pleased to be the first official Retire Your Ride automotive partner.”

Consistent with the federal government’s program, qualifying customers must be owners of a 1995 or older model year vehicle that is in running condition and has been registered and insured in Canada for the previous consecutive six or twelve months, depending on the province.

Chrysler Canada offers 17 vehicles achieving 30 mpg (9.4 litre/100 km)highway fuel economy or better, and six vehicles achieving 40 mpg (7.0litre/100 km) highway fuel economy or better. In 2009, 73 per cent of the company’s vehicles offer improved fuel economy compared with the corresponding 2008 models.

“Everyone wins – the environment, the economy and Canadians, who don’t have to get ‘smoked out’ driving behind one of these junkers ever again,” Bigland concluded.

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