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News   November 6, 2006   by Auto Service World

Champion Completes Carbutetor Bid

Champion Parts, Inc., remanufacturer of automotive parts, today announced it has completed the acquisition of the remanufactured carburetor assets of Tomco for $1.3 million in cash and up to $9.1 million in future contingent payments.
Jerry A. Bragiel, president and chief executive officer of Champion Parts, said, “Tomco recorded approximately $9.5 million in carburetor sales in 2005. This acquisition beneficially reflects upon the long-established excellence of product and service reputation that Champion has established in the automotive industry since its beginning in the early 1940s.”
The Tomco assets were acquired from the Los Angeles-based subsidiary of Cash Technologies, Inc., TAP Holdings, LLC.
“Champion’s profitability should be enhanced with the additional revenue from Tomco’s customers and allow Champion to broaden its customer base. The anticipated additional carburetor revenue and the favorable profit margins generated from remanufactured carburetors will support Champion during its continuing pursuit of new product opportunities,” Bragiel said.
While industry-wide remanufactured carburetor sales are in decline, the increased sales volume from the acquisition should provide Champion with economies of scale in its established manufacturing operations.
“When increased revenues are combined with favorable profit margins, as are reflected in remanufactured carburetors, the results become very palatable,” Bragiel added.
While carburetors are no longer used on newer vehicles and have not been since 1988, older cars, light trucks and heavy-duty vehicles, utilized both on the country’s highways and in farming and agriculture, continue to operate using carburetors. These older vehicles, industry statistics show, continue to be maintained and operated for an extended number of years on farms and other off-the-road industries, including the lumber, energy, and mining fields.
These industries have provided Champion with a continuing, though declining, market for remanufactured carburetors.
The chief executive also noted that Champion remains focused on diversification, evidenced by its entrance into the automotive air conditioning product market with two earlier acquisitions.
The air conditioning product lines acquired have been consistent contributors to Champion’s revenue.

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